Board Effectiveness Masterclass

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  • Thursday, March 9  •  8 AM TO 5 PM CT with a reception and dinner to follow
  • Friday, March 10 • 8:30 AM TO 1:30 PM CT
  • Venue: Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL  

This highly interactive experience is designed to help develop participants through engaging content, peer discussions and real-world case studies. Attendees will also connect and learn from the successes and challenges of other board leaders in an open, confidential environment — fully supported throughout the program by expert facilitators.

Inside the Masterclass:

Over two days of instruction, discussion, case review and group engagement, participants will focus on each of the following critical concepts:

Corporate Boards Today: Emerging Trends and Challenges. Our opening discussion delves into how an effective family business board operates, including specific challenges and opportunities. We'll also cover ways the family board interacts with owners, management and family.

The Structure of a Leading Board. Learn how effective boards leverage time and attention to ensure consistent, effective governance and strategic insights meeting after meeting.

The Culture of a Leading Board. Discover how board leaders can play a role in setting the tone and expectations for productive board debate and draw out engagement from all participants. We'll uncover how great family firm boards build appropriate communication and trust within the board, and with the family and management to create effective collaboration across the enterprise.

Panel Discussion: The Evolving Board. Our panelists will share experiences about how changing their board's structure and processes over time helped drive performance.

Developing Organizational Accountability. Board leaders have a critical role in driving accountability within the board and across the company. Participants will discuss practices for creating accountability that cascades into the management ranks and drives organizational performance.

The Board Talent Lifecycle. Boards are frequently engaged with defining needed skills, recruiting new talent, onboarding and developing directors and planning for board succession. We’ll explore all facets of board talent with tools and practices for building a pipeline of stellar future contributors.

The Board’s Role in Enterprise Risk Oversight. In a rapidly evolving risk environment, boards are working hard to keep up with emerging risks and ensure appropriate attention is paid to managing the risk landscape. This session will provide frameworks for how boards can think about risk and incorporate this area of governance into their activities effectively.

Driving Board and Enterprise Value. Our capstone session will focus on the ways that high-performing boards accelerate their impact, through increased board focus on strategic discussions, board assessments and other practices that ensure the board is delivering on its mandate for the benefit of the shareholders.

Learn from Each Other

One of the best ways to learn is from the experiences and insights of our peers. This program is designed to provide many opportunities to hear from others, through small- and large-group discussions, panel interviews, and informal networking. Attendees will also meet, mix and mingle with other participants and program faculty during a relaxing reception and dinner at the end of day one.