Family Governance Essentials 

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Meet the Faculty

The following leading family governance experts will be facilitating the program:


Barbara Dartt

Barb is a principal consultant with more than 20 years of experience helping individuals and family groups grapple with the joys and challenges that are a natural part of families owning and managing businesses together. At FBCG, Barb helps families get aligned, anticipate and prevent future challenges, and communicate effectively to grow their businesses.

She does this work for the thrill of seeing the talents of individual family members get recognized and harnessed to contribute to the health of their families and businesses. She is the co-author of Own It:  How to Develop a Family Enterprise Owner's Mindset at Every Age.


Tom Emigh

Tom Emigh is a principal consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group motivated by Mission, Values and Leadership. He’s passionate about helping family businesses pursue a successful and compelling mission by developing individuals and owning families to become better at everything they do. 

Tom believes that excellent organizations, full of empowered leaders, can have a positive impact in our society to help all people grow and learn. Tom’s ability to quickly establish rapport and trust with all members of the business-owning family make him a thoughtful mentor, coach and facilitator as he encourages others to understand and reach their full potential.