Family Governance Essentials

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Keynote Speaker: Lisa Danie

Education Committee Chair, Lodge Cast Iron’s Family Council 

Lisa Daniel

Lisa Daniel, a fifth-generation married-in family member of the Lodge Cast Iron owners, is actively involved with the Joseph Lodge Family Council. As chair of the Education Committee, she is dedicated to providing family members with the necessary resources to contribute to the success of both the business and the family. She is also very active on the Family History Committee, which engages family members through their shared history and legacy.



The program includes two full-day modules on September 20 and 27, 2024 that run from 9 AM to 4 PM CT. Registrants will have online access to the main stage recordings and valuable supporting materials if unable to attend all the sessions live.

Importance of Family Governance

Learn fundamental concepts and discover how effective governance supports a unified family vision, ensuring continuity and preserving your family legacy. We'll explore effective governance structures, including family meetings, councils, and policies.

Communication, Engagement, and Trust-Building 

Effective communication is crucial for maintaining harmony and making collective decisions. Expand your skills as a family leader by learning productive methods for managing conflict, handling difficult conversations and making the most of normal family dynamics.

Policies and Decision-Making

Understand various policies, tools, and processes that can help your family make informed and cohesive decisions.

Integrating with the Family Enterprise System

Learn how to align family governance with your business strategies to create a cohesive and integrated approach that benefits both the family and the enterprise.

Family Education and Development

Engaging family members as owners, future owners, and responsible stewards of the family enterprise begins with education. We’ll show you how to build an education program to evolve with your family’s needs while strengthening family bonds.

Family Governance Process 

Because there is no “one size-fits-all” governance structure, we will focus on how an integrated process can adapt to changing needs for generations to come.

Join us to enhance your impact on your family's development, connection, and success!